Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Apartment Decor Inspiration

Oh, what a long two months it's been! I truly missed blogging and chatting with amazing bloggers last year! I explained on Twitter that I would be gone a while but didn't give out any details as to why, so here's an update. I got a new job, definitely an upgrade, and it's kept me quite busy but I love it! I also moved in to my first apartment, (What?!) Yeah, I know, I'm pretty excited!

With the move, I have been all over Pinterest for ideas on how to decorate my humble home. Pinterest is a treasure box of creativity and I have pinned photos like crazy! I've narrowed it down to two themes throughout my apartment, Boho Chic and Minimalist Chic, and I wanted some opinions as well as giving you all some inspiration. Out with the old and in with the new might be just what your apartment needs too, and isn't it so fun to redecorate anyway? You better be nodding, because the answer is yes!

Little nuggets of inspiration coming right up!

I wish I could just live in these pictures! I love the simplicity, the greenery, and how brightly lit everything looks. I definitely want to incorporate that into my own apartment and I will be posting a mini tour once I have accomplished that. What did you like about these pictures? How is your living space decorated?

all pictures taken from Pinterest**

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Beauty Report: Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara

When it comes to mascaras, I am extremely picky! Let's be honest, mascaras promise a lot of things and more often than not, they do not deliver. Lashes are different on every gal and mascaras have to accommodate to all our varying needs! For the last year or so, I swore off high end mascaras because I was tired of spending more money to get drugstore quality. A month ago, I was perusing through the travel sized beauty area at Ulta and decided to take a leap of faith. I had heard lots of things about Benefit's Roller Lash and thought I'd give it a try.

After trying out the travel sized mascara, I was confident enough to purchase the full-size. Now, I am not saying it's my favorite BUT, it's pretty damn close!

The packaging is super cute in my opinion! I love the handle, it definitely gives proper friction when holding the wand. Nothing is more irritating than dropping the wand or having it slip and the mascara get on my hand or fingers!

The brush is really special because it grabs and separates my lashes which I love. I have thin, sparse lashes and I like them to be full and voluminous. I feel like one coat is perfect for everyday volume and two coats for when I really want my eyes to stand out! 

The formula is not wet which I'm glad about because I DO NOT like a wet formula. I wouldn't recommend a wet formula for anyone with thin lashes because it weighs them down! Fortunately, this is not wet but it is also not a thick gel consistency. The formula actually dries in good time, meaning it allows to apply a second coat right after without drying and causing clumps!

Also, compared to their They're Real! mascara, this one does not sting your eyes! Anybody who has tried that mascara knows it was great, but the second it got in your eye you were wondering what the rest of your life blind would be like!

Overall, I think it's an amazing mascara and if you're willing to spend a pretty penny on a high-end lash product, I would definitely encourage you to get your hands on this! This gets 4.7 stars out of 5 for me and after being on my second tube, I would consider this a trustworthy opinion. Not a fan of black mascara? They recently released a brown shade!

Have you tried this mascara? What do you think? Would you repurchase?

Monday, October 31, 2016

Beauty Report: Lade Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks

Happy Halloween everyone! What do you all have planned for today? Unfortunately, it falls on a Monday, but that won't stop me from dressing up and having fun this year!

Liquid lipsticks are dominating the makeup world and every brand has released their own. Jeffree Star's cosmetic line became world-known for their liquid lipsticks and I believe it's one of the reasons why he has had such success. Because this particular item is so popular, we have a variety of brands and prices to choose from! This past week I contacted Lade Cosmetics on an Instagram post, asking to review their products which they were kind enough to send me. Although I received these products at no charge, my opinion will be 100% honest and my own as always!

The products arrived in good condition, the packaging was like any other liquid lipstick packaging. A black box with the brand logo and a sticker on the top to indicate the shade. I received two shades: Lusty and Ms. Marilyn. They are cruelty-free and 100% vegan which is amazing!

The design looks very similar to that of the Anastasia Beverly Hills design, the only difference being the caps which are silver for ABH. The applicator is regular, and helped apply the product very well on the lips.

The only set back on packaging is that the tube does not display the amount of ounces it contains, you have to save the box if you need the info along with the ingredients list on the side. the good news is that they contain the same amount of product as other liquid lipsticks (ABH, Colourpop, NYX).

(Swatches L to R: Lusty, Ms. Marilyn)

Application was different between the two shades. Lusty applied perfectly and stayed even on the lips even when I applied a second layer. It's a very matte shade so those with dry lips will need to moisturize! Ms. Marilyn was not as even as Lusty but it was a build able shade. As you can see in the swatch above, some parts look more den than others. It's matte, but not as drying as Lusty and didn't last as long. I have the same problem with other red liquid lipsticks I own so I was expecting it.

Overall, I think they get 4.5 stars out of 5. They are super pigmented, last all day, and have a great price tag. They are on retail for $12 on their website and they are holding a 10% off sale right now which makes them super affordable and a great deal for their quality! They show love to their customers and bloggers by sharing pics on their social media which I love seeing companies do. It's a very down to earth brand and I am more than happy to recommend their products to all of you!

Thank you for stopping by to read my blog! Leave a comment below letting me know if you've tried their products!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Fall Closet Inspo

You know the feeling. The air starts getting chilly, leaves in hues of red, orange and brown adorn the outdoors and your bright summer wardrobe suddenly looks tacky. It's time to pull out the knit sweaters, booties and scarves! Nothing gets me more excited than knowing that I will be able to dress up every day for my favorite season. Even better, I love to go shopping for fall and winter!

I decided that for today, I would share some fall clothing inspiration! Not only clothing, but makeup that I personally feel are great to spend fall in! Lately, I've been noticing that pastel colors have been quite popular for this season which I already love seeing in a knit sweater. I love pairing soft colors with a brown or gray because it's not too harsh of a contrast and still looks quite feminine. And of course we have the traditional accessories such as beanies, scarves and knee-high socks. Although I love dark makeup looks for the later seasons, I think I'll be toning it down for this year to better compliment my wardrobe. I might sneak in a dark lip here and there though, so no promises!

I personally love lounging in big knit sweaters and leggings with some cute booties all season long! My style is usually inspired by fashion bloggers on Instagram or YouTube. It's such a big change from summer but definitely one to look forward to! Where do you get your fall inspiration from? What's your style?

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Beauty Report: Covergirl TruNaked Nudes Palette

Eyeshadow palettes have become essentials in a makeup junkie's life and it seems as if brands are launching them every other week; it's hard to keep up! Not only that, but my wallet has a hard time recovering from the damage. Sometimes I am convinced to purchase a $50 palette that is made up of 70% shades I already own, just because of the hype! I love when affordable brands release palettes that mirror high-end quality at painless prices.

I am not a huge fan of Covergirl and I've mentioned that before. Their mascaras, and more recently their lipsticks, have been the only things I've ever purchased and enjoyed using. When I saw so many flat lays on Instagram that featured this pretty palette, I had to go check it out for myself! I was skeptical at first. I did not want this product to just be a prop for pictures, regardless of the low price.

I am in love with the packaging, I can see why it has become a popular prop in IG'ers flat lays! It's the standard drugstore plastic packaging but the graphics are nice which makes it a beautiful palette.

I also love the way the colors are arranged, its reminiscent of Urban Decay's Naked palette. The palette contains four shimmer and four matte shades. Just looking at the palette, I can think of many different eye possibilities! Its retail price is $11.99 which is not bad for a drugstore palette!

(Finger swatches over Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer)

Okay, so to the important part! Yes, it looks pretty and yes, it looks promising but is it worth it?

- My only complaints are that the first shade was almost impossible to swatch. You had to work to get the color. The second shade was way too chalky and there was some fall-out when applying. The black shade isn't as dark as I would like, it definitely could've been more pigmented.

- Other than that, I think it's a good palette to have for someone who just needs the basics and is willing to put up with those few setbacks. The formula is drier, much like drugstore quality (think Maybelline or NYC) BUT the colors lasted all day (with primer) which was surprising. I would even recommend this to someone who is starting out in makeup. I was able to get past the issues and create a lovely neutral eye look. Would I pay more than drugstore price for this? Not at all. But, it is a palette I will continue to use, and one I wouldn't mind traveling with.

- Overall, this gets three stars out of five! For its price and for Covergirl quality, I think it's a good product. Will I repurchase? No. But I do see myself using this often for days when I want something simple and quick.

Have you purchased this palette? What were your thoughts? 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall Decor: Creating My Own Prints

It wouldn't be fall if we didn't have cute decorations, am I right? Whether they're Halloween decorations or just cute fall home decor, I seem to never get enough of them. Pumpkins are not just food, they're used for jack'o'lanterns, indoor decor, and photo props (all bloggers are guilty of this)! One way I love to decorate during this time of year is with prints! I love browsing through Etsy and finding cute little artwork to frame and scatter throughout my room.

This year, I decided to create my own artwork. I downloaded some drawing apps on my iPad and decided to give the whole print thing a try! I looked for inspiration, mostly from clipart since I love the look of a funny cartoon, and got to drawing. It was easier than I thought it would be, I have always wondered how other bloggers created their prints, and although their process might be a bit different, I did enjoy how simple it was!

I personally think it's super cute and I've become inspired to create more!

I even decided to personalize them in case I decided to sell a few. It's something I've been contemplating, but for now, they're just something to enjoy creating!

Do you have any favorite Etsy print shops? Have you ever purchased prints or thought about purchasing them? 
Are you a fan of prints? 
How do you like to decorate for this season?

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Oval Brushes | Joining the Hype On a Budget

Thanks to blogging and YouTube, makeup enthusiasts are now able to stay up-to-date on all the fun (and sometimes strange) beauty trends. It seems as if there is a new trend popping up every week and while most are fun, some are just not worth the time or money. I am probably the last gal on board with this trend but better late than never, I always say! Everyone and their momma probably owns an oval brush and I have seen some retail for up to $50 per brush! In the words of KathleenLights, "Das Espensive!"

I have seen some companies advertise their oval brushes on Facebook for as low as $20 per set. Many of you have probably seen such brands as MyMakeupBrushSet and AliExpress on Facebook or Twitter. While I think they do have great deals, I watched some reviews where people complained about the poor quality. Some said the handles were not easy to hold or were too cheap and were concerned about them breaking. Others said the bristles were not soft enough or as soft as those of higher quality/price. Of course, you do get what you pay for so considering the price, quality won't be so great.

Yesterday, I was shopping around and decided to stop by TJ Maxx where I saw some oval brushes. A little curious, I checked the original retail price which was $20, much more expensive than the other off-brand oval brushes. TJ Maxx had it priced at $10 which I though was pretty reasonable, so I put it in my basket, checked out and went home to give it a try!

I like the packaging it came in, it protects the bristles and gives a full view of the product!

Just like a standard oval brush, the bristles are densely packed for smooth application and it soaks up less foundation which is why they're so sought after.

What was cool about the handle was that it swiveled the brush head in a circular motion with almost no effort on my part. I love the sleek look and rose gold finish!

One swipe (back and forth once) 

Blended out completely. 

I am so pleased with this brush, the price point was perfect in my opinion and the quality is just what I hoped for. It did not soak up the foundation like my beauty blender does and it blends everything into the skin smoothly. I can see myself using this on a daily basis and would recommend it to anyone looking for a flawless finish. If you want to try this out but don't have a TJ Maxx near you or weren't able to locate these, I linked the product above! Have any of you tried this brush or any oval brushes? I would love to know what your opinions are on this!